One of the most glamorous decades and certainly quite groundbreaking in fashion.
This blog is dedicated to the 1940's and its lifestyles, historical events, music, entertainment, and most of all the silver screen. If you enjoy a time when men and women took fashion seriously then you'll love it here!

Permalink Maiko Fumi in 1940.
Permalink Maiko Fumi with a friend.  Look at those beautiful kimonos!
Permalink Maiko Fumi, 1940’s.  Isn’t she exquisite? Super beautiful.
Permalink Streetstyle back in the 1940’s.  Sorry you had to earn your style no blogs, Instagram, Facebook, social media was you looking good as soon as you walked out the door!
Permalink Cute little Japanese girls during the 1940’s.
Permalink What? You thought your Grandmother didn’t know?
Permalink Two girls One Scooter
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RKO Girls